Website Design

Pretty Cool Huh brings years of experience in search engine optimization along with an eye for design to every web design & hosting project that it undertakes. Many glossy web design firms will have you spend tens of thousands of dollars on glitzy looking animations that look nice, but are not able to be “spidered” by search engines. (If we’ve lost you, just ask us. We’re good explainers!)

What good is a fancy site if you can’t be found by those looking for companies like yours? Not much good at all! Other companies can give you a utilitarian site with all the important written points you need, but they look like the sites were done from a template, or right out of a box. Where’s the middle ground? Can a company not have a site that both looks good AND is friendly to search engines, so your site can get “indexed” as much as possible?

In a word, “yes!” It is possible to have a great looking web presence that also is built for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Plus, all our sites enable you, the customer, to login and make changes to your site if you wish (or, we can make changes for you, if that’s not your thing.) We don’t guarantee placement or rankings – no legitimate business can. We don’t use any disreputable or disallowed sleazy methods to get you ranking, either.

We know what the search engines look for in websites that are relevant to its users, and that’s what we deliver for our partners. Check out some of our featured clients below for examples of our design work.